Anonymous Selection Process

In order to ensure that our choice of recipient is fair, unbiased, and anonymous, we've developed the following selection process. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Critical feedback is much appreciated!

  1. Applications are submitted to a secure repository that reviewers do not have access to.

  2. All applications go through a strict anonymization process to eliminate any identifying information from the submitted material.

  3. Reviewers are required to attend a reducing bias and application review training before viewing any applications.

  4. Reviewers agree to maintain applicant’s confidentiality and each reviewer signs a confidentiality agreement.

  5. Reviewers are required to disclose any potential conflicts of interest including connections to current SEBS students.

  6. Reviewers read all submitted applications in order to ensure fair scoring and to familiarize themselves with the pool of applicants.

  7. Reviewers score a subset of applications independently. Each application is reviewed and scored by a minimum of three individual reviewers.

  8. Each applicant’s scores are added to create a single aggregate score. Aggregate scores are then ranked from highest to lowest.

  9. Reviewers meet in a seminar to vote on the aggregated score ranking. If a two-thirds majority is not achieved, reviewers revisit each application and adjust ranking until a two-thirds majority is reached.