Resume Workshop


The SEBS Scholarship Foundation is offering a free resume workshop for each SEBS student during their senior year. A SEBS alumni will schedule a 30-minute one-on-one meeting with you to look over your resume and provide suggestions on what can be improved.

NOTE: Due to the limited availability of resume reviewers, we are only able to offer one workshop per person at this time.


These workshops are here to help you edit and refine your resume; they are NOT here to help you build it from scratch. You will be paired with an alumni volunteer to go over your resume. They will look at grammar and phrasing, organization, section content, and overall quality and give you feedback on that.


Before scheduling your review, please watch the following video on how to create a resume. You will be expected to have watched it before your workshop appointment. It gives a good idea of content, even if you have little to no job experience.

Some Additional Tips

  • When submitting your resume to an organization, always submit it as a PDF.
  • Make sure your resume PDF is "searchable" (i.e. your PDF isn't just an image; you can select and copy the text). Usually, the first thing you have to get through is a computer checking if you qualify. If it cannot read your resume, it likely will be thrown out.
  • Don’t be afraid to let you shine through. Some of the best conversations I’ve had, especially when I had a newer resume, came out of an “Other Interest” category. I talked about my love of salsa dancing and sewing. Remember that interviewers are also checking for if they'd like to work with you as a person. If you still have space to fill on your one page, think about adding something that shows more of you personally.
  • If you don't have much work experience, you may also include a "personal projects" section to your resume if you've worked on something that you think relates to what you're applying for.
  • Do not make your resume more than 1 page. At this point in your life, there is not enough content to justify that.
  • Use action verbs! Take a look at example resumes. Most good ones have statements that start with an action. For example:
    • Developed templates to standardize future work
    • Trained elderly customers with little or no technological literacy how to use Microsoft Word. (This might be a good one for you if you’ve ever had to help your grandparents)
    • Here is a good list of action words that may be useful for your resume. Try not to repeat action words too often unless they are part of the job/experience/program description.

Schedule Your Review

A facilitator will reach out to you within three business days to schedule your workshop meeting. We aim to schedule your appointment within two weeks.